Lost seat bracket roller

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Mar 27, 2016
Austin, TX
While installing the LandTank seat extender brackets I lost one of the rollers. After searching for nearly 2 hours including inside the seat and with a metal detector. I am giving up. I figure my options are..

1. Cut a piece of round stock and see if the works.

2. Find a used one. Anybody have a spare?

3. Find a new one. ...probably not possible
I'm trying to picture what you lost. Can you post up a picture of the one you still have?


I think I'd have already cut a piece of tubing and squared up the ends on my metal lathe, and handed it to you. If you were around here.

Reach out to your local LC group and see if anyone can make what you need. Post a picture and dimensions. Heck, maybe somebody has one.

Round s*** rolls forever sometimes...

Also, from the looks of it, it could be solid couldn't it?

That part is inside the rail, of which I've never disassembled. Can't help you much there.
It has beveled edges which shouldn't be hard to replicate. It has hollow ends but I don't believe that matters.
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Nicely done!

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