Looking for a tow rope - not strap

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Apr 5, 2006
Albany, NY
I am looking for a short towing rope, length like a tree saver strap.

I am not looking for a strap. I have that. The strap end loops are too big to easy put into the dixon bates.

I want to use the rope to connect to both of my Dixon Bates so I can pull the car from both (pulling form the middle of the rope)

Here is a picture of what I am looing for and the dixon bates.

Again, the question is where can I get this rope?
Links are welcomed
Would a synthetic winch line work? If so, give the fella at customsplice.com a call. He usually has odd sizes for good prices.
Got it. Here is what I was looking for. 10 foot. Did the measurement and decided on the 7/8" rope.
Although the 1" may fit, it would have been too cumbersome to wrestle it in there. Talking to M-P, the even the 7/8" is has some extra rating (4 to 1)

Kinetic Recovery Rope Super-Yanker 7/8" X 10' 28,500 lbs
The idea is to pull from the middle of the rope to distribute the load on both dixon bates.
I don't think anything will happen to the dixon bates, but I am concern about the DB attachment to the ARB. It is mounted with a full backing plate that conform to the back of the ARB and over the center seam. But still....

So, I will be pulling from the middle. How would you suggest attaching the winch to the middle of the rope besides D-Shackle?
load or lifting sling from a recovery or crane supply place...

And for attaching, a short piece of @ 1" rope in a Prusik knot...

All you have to do... uh, better if I show you... prusik knot - Google Search
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