Lookin for some 4" springs.

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Jun 30, 2005
Mayview, MO
My 40 buildup has taken a different direction and I will be doing 4" springs instead of SOA..................So I'm looking for some used springs to throw on the rig. If any body in KC area has any to turn loose of let me know.
Thanks, Eric
Hey Rob! I plan to drive the crap out of the 40 on the street. I want to go with 4" springs and 33x10.5's on stockers. I have the H55, so it should do pretty good on the road. I NEED to get this thing DONE, so I can come play with you guys and drive my own rig for a change!! Peace, Eric
Eric... at an event..... with his own rig???? :eek:

Watch out for the flying pigs, y'all.... :D
Don't run for cover yet Bob - I still have a long way to go!! ;)

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