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Sep 23, 2005
New York
Born as a 1978 and bought locally in 2019. 40 was completely restored some time in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Equipped with aluminum tub, stock AC, power steering and PTO winch. It was in rough shape and not well maintained. Drove for an entire winter as it was a lot of fun plus not adding milage to my cummins. Spring 2020 came and my kid wanted for himself as he’s was turning 16 later in December. In the process of building her, I had a nasty accident (totally my stupidity and fault) that left me 76 stitches in my face. Project got abandoned and ended buying my kid a 96 LX-450.

Truck is back in my possession and didn’t want a SO with the stock 2F. Ended chucking the frame and started with another one I had stored.

My plans:
1.- what I would like it to be:
- Trail and a DD truck
- 110-122 of WB and 16-18 of belly height
- Hard Top with a hatch and barn doors
- Sub Frame for drivetrain support as well as skids and links tabs
- custom fuel tank under tub by rear axle
- Forgetting what else ?

2.- What I currently have for the build
- all aluminum L33 LS with 40k miles (needs a tbss complete swap)
- Atlas 2
- New (from New Venture) NV4500 dodge with synchronized reverse
- 14 bolt rear (needs 4.88 and a selectable locker)
- Custom 9.5” Land Cruiser front with 80 outers
- ORI’s 14” rear and 16” front
- 80 rebuild box tapped for hydro assist
- 40 MT Baja boss on beadlocks
- metal cage roll cage (will need to modify it to add seats and some sheet metal on top so I can add electronics)

For sure it will take me time, just want to properly document it here.
@TheCarMaster40 (my kid) is helping me to make this dream happen !

Here’s what I got so far; front is almost completed, the goal is to clear the steering linkage in order to keep the ride low. Rear is half way done, extended the frame 3” out to have a bumper and eventually create a cradle with struts to hold a 40 spare in the center of the car.










I like it. your rear coilover set up is very similar to what i have.
Following! Care to share more about the 9.5” diff with 80 knuckles?
Started as a fj60 rear center section, with 1/4 DOM tube, used 80 knuckles balls, 67” WMS and 6* of positive caster. I bought this axle a while ago from another member who built it at his shop.
I truly love this axle, you can have one made by diamond axle if eventually going this direction ?

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