Lone StarCruiser Round Up - 2015

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Want a great party? Come join several of the CLC bunch at this gig! Yeah we wheel a little (or a lot if you like) but we get our party on big time!
12 time around this year....John D Hale will be our musical guest Friday night with a Jam session to follow, bring your guitars (and ear plugs for when Bodean sings.)
Overnight Expo
Texas BBQ
Big Hats.....
Dusty being Dusty
Registered and RV spot booked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Registered and heck I even paid!
Me too!

It's almost time to go to TX!! Yeee Haaaaa!
I know who's it was... :censor:
I am in guys, I want to see my Redneck friends again.... and can't miss this opportunity!

Bodean, do you have some Southern Rock music for me?

My boys and I like the songs you guys listen and give out on you' al's event....

....looking forward to see you guys!

Warmest Regards

registered X 2
Was that one pre- or post- hitting the ONLY F'ING tree at K2 with the Lexus? Sigh...
Pre-roof-crease...We ran Devil's Draw that morning and this was our second run right after lunch, forget the name of it. I'm guiding you down a couple of step ledges and I took Dig-Dug off to the right over a big crack.
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