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Feb 1, 2020
On the 3rd Saturday of each month, Little Rock Rigs and Coffee meet at Guillermo's Gourmet Coffee in Trellis Square at Rodney Parham and I430.

Next meeting March 20th.


Pictures from the February meet..


I've been meaning to stop by since I'm 3 miles from Guillermo's, but my other projects (out of town) have been taking precedence on my Saturdays.
I've been meaning to stop by since I'm 3 miles from Guillermo's, but my other projects (out of town) have been taking precedence on my Saturdays.

Stop on by for the next one. From rig representation, we are deep in Toyota Country here.
I'll be there too!
From a Facebook conversation in the Toyota Off-Road and Overland (TORO) group.

"I think we are going to go ride around in the Ouachitas a bit after next weekends event! Keep on the lookout for more updates!"
Saturday, March 20 will be a nice day for Rigs and Coffee. Location is posted on the first post page.

We're planning to make a trail ride to the Ouachita National Forest. Will loop around Lake Winona. Trailhead is south of Williams Junction off HWY 9. @TheForger

Tentative GAIA map for the trail ride. We may need to make a detour around some high water or deep mud. We'll see when we get there. Come join the fun.

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April meeting 4/17 - 10 AM to 12 PM

Five people have expressed interest in a trail ride.
I’ll be there and game for a trail ride. Might bring the girlfriend and dog along if they’re nice to me
Saturday's Rigs and Coffee Update.


Note MidlandUSA store Discount Code LittleRock15 for 15% off.

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I gotta ask, who’s XJ buggy is that ?
Little Rock Rigs and Coffee will be held on the 4th Saturday (5/22) this month. This will allow some members to attend the Big Iron event in MO on the 3rd weekend.


Little Rock Rigs and Coffee - Saturday, May 22nd - 10 AM to NOON -- The Ouachita trail ride meets at 1:00 PM at the Paron Community Center.

Midland will provide loaners if you don't already have a GMRS or FRS radio.

If you have a GMRS or FRS, radio, we will be on GMRS channel 462.6375 or FRS channel 4. Midland provides a discount code for any member that would like to purchase from the Midland USA store.
The code is LittleRock15 for 15% off.

This month's trail will be wide to accommodate Big Rigs.

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Hopefully your trail ride avoids the Winona spillway. It's rolling right now.

Thanks for the info. We head north just before the spillway. When I planned the route, I wanted to stay on a roadbed with crushed rock to avoid problems. There are a couple of small concrete creek bridges that allow water to flow over on the trails. There may be water running over those bridges tomorrow. I may need to check it again tomorrow before the meet. I can run the route in an hour and 15 minutes.

Here's a link to the route.


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