Lift window rubber for painting?

Mar 20, 2021
Allen Texas
I am going to attempt to paint my 91 FJ80 in my garage. I have been thinking about the front and rear windows. I know it is best to remove them but that just isn't in the cards. I had this idea and want to see if y'all think it's good or bad. I did a test pics below.

I cut a bout 5" of the window screen rubber rope and used a plastic pick to lift the window rubber up and push in the rope. I left enough hanging out on the bottom so I could pull it out after the clear dries. My test shows I can get the rope in about .25" in which gives me a solid 3/16" where base and clear could be sprayed under the rubber. On the second pic you can see the rope holds the rubber up pretty well. One concern is that pulling the rope out will pull clear with it.




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