Lift Complete

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Sep 29, 2003
Bentonville, AR
The lift is on! It look me about 3.5 hours working solo. I will snap some pics tomorrow and list of observations.
OME Heavy(850) up front and Mediums (860) in the rear. I am now 22.75" from the center of the hub to the bottom of the flares on all 4 corners (with about 250lbs in the back). I picked up about 3.5 inches. The stock springs were VERY saggy. I was actually sitting on the bump stops in the rear, with only 100lbs of stuff loaded.

Looking at getting a set of 285s sometime next week and have the OME 3* castor bushings pressed in.
I am not sure what degree they are. Whatever the yellow ones are that come with the lift. I am having those pressed in sometime next week.

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