Lexus/Toyota Mechanic Recommendations in Charlotte

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Dec 16, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Does anyone have a recommendation for a mechanic in Charlotte that specializes in Lexus or Toyota? My wife has a 2004 Lexus RX330 but the drivetrain is the same as a similar vintage Toyota Highlander.

The car is leaking fuel from the top of the tank if it is over half full. I was able to get to the pump through the back seat access and that part of the tank is dry. A smoke test shows no leaks. The tank can be partially dropped but the rear drivetrain has to be dropped to get it out completely. I have reached the limit of what I can do without a lift and need to get it in the hands of a pro.

Not sure if Darin works on rx Lexus but give him a shout at cannucks cruisers. Not local but a very competent mechanic
Toyota tech in fortmill
X2 on this. Both Mark and Johnny are trained Toyota/Lexus mechanics. I have had them do work that I either did not have the time to do myself or was above my capability/tool set. Very reasonably priced and good quality work with only OEM parts.
Will Not lie. Have no earthly clue about those things myself. So i also say Toyota tech as i know they know their stuff.

Now Land Cruiser's yes i can work on them, and some other 4wd we do not chat about on here. I think you posted this over on NC4x4 also and got the same answer.
Toyota Techs did my head gasket.
Been running great for a little over 20k miles now.

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