LED Truck Lite 7" Rounds Acting Funny

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Apr 20, 2016
Mill Creek, WA
Alright. Full disclosure. I bought an FJ62 with an FJ60 front end swap. The H4 harnesses are a cut and splice of the old 62 wiring (there are some pieces of the 62 harness that are cut, not connected and bundled up). The old sealed beams worked. I got a new set of Truck Lite 7" Round LED headlights. Struggled with the wiring for a while but finally got them running properly, until I turn the truck on. Once the truck is running, everything goes to hell in a hand basket. I've confirmed that the lights work properly by hooking them up to a battery.

Any "bright" ideas about what could be going on? Any wiring diagrams with wire colors to help me try to decipher what clipped wires need to be used or not? I guess I would need the 62 diagram. I fear I am in uncharted territory and need a map.


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