Late 90's Tercel ?

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Dec 3, 2005
Coquitlam B.C.
My dad is 72 , broke and needs a car , I was going to pick something up for him and baseline it and give it to him looking at a few different cars late 90's 5 speeds VW Golfs which i am very familiar with and several Toyota's I've come across - I am leaning towards the Tercel . any feedback appreciated. thanks Kevin
I can't remember what year my tercels where. But both died with blown head gaskets. And the mileage wasn't super high.
Other than that they worked awesome. Great on fuel mine may of been late 80's
Echos are super cheap these days, and I feel the motor is much better. Same class of car. Get the sedan; they are so ugly they are much cheaper than the hatch. Same car though. :D
^^ agreed, the Echo is a great car for the money.
^^ agreed, the Echo is a great car for the money.

They are indeed. I had one as commuter for a number of years. Extremely cheap to maintain also. First recommended spark plug change was at something like 190,000 km.
Yeah, drove 140,000k on my Yaris and all I did was change the oil, the brakes were still at like 75%.
Yeah, gf's yaris works like a damn charm, all I have done is oil changes to the thing.... there is more money spent dealing with an ICBC claim than anything else on that small car hah
Ended up getting a 2001 Hyundai Accent GS 5 spd for $500, 200,000 kms needed outer tie rod end , $27 fixed in my drive way in 20 minutes. the check engine light was on and it was hesitating at low to mid RPM , got the code and it turned out too be spark plugs , easy car to work on parts are cheap . Hope it lasts a few years for my Dad .

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