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Apr 19, 2005
Hi guys,
Did a search but did not found recent information...
I need new tires for the LC100 (mainly driven on road)
Was thinking about BFG All Terrain when the seller show me the Kumho Road Venture AT KL78... $880, everything included (taxes, job, balanced... BFG AT = $1350)

do you know these tires and how good or bad they are on a LC100 ?
I don't care about the winter behavior as I have a set of "real" winter tires.

Seller also told me BFG life is not what it use to be (around 60 or 70% of what they last few years ago) because of the new coumpound they use ( to reduce noise :hmm:).. true?

Can't help you with the Kumho's, but I love my BFG AT KO's and my 100 is 99% on-road. Also, shop around and be ready to pull the trigger when a sale pops up. I picked up five (5) BFG AT KO's for just under $1000 shipped to my door.

Here's a link to the Road Venture AT at Kumho Tires USA for everyone's reference.
Thanks for the comment,
Unfortunately, I'm a bit in hurry... I guess I will buy KL78 and then will be able to give an opinion
I cannot help you with the Kumhos either. I have considered them in the past but ended up with something different. I do know a few who have run the directional MTs and have liked them ....

You might look at the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx that I just installed on my 100. I was torn between these and the Hankook Dynapro ATM. I run the Hankooks on my Ram 2500 and really like them (smooth ride, great dry and wet traction), but wanted something slightly more aggressive for the 100. I have only 100 miles or so on the Coopers and they are really quite nice. A little louder than the Hankooks, but quite nice. They were $1210 (275/70R18) out the door here in South Carolina ...
I have 295 Hankook on one 100 and 285 BGF AT's on the other.

Daily driving the BFG winds hands down. The Hankooks are much heavier so I feel I have to hit brakes harder to slow down.
I orderd the Kumho today... and the guy then realized they are not available in this size!
He offered me the cooper discoverer for the same price!
The most important is always the guy in front of you !

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