June 30th Brannan Lakes Expedition: Trail Report and Photos

Apr 8, 2017
Belgrade, MT
First, I'd like to thank the following for joining me on my adventure, as I was now able to complete this trip that I first attempted last year but had to abandon due to nightfall, being alone and my first time there. It was great to have families along and watch the kids run around and play with each other, people sat together around the fire pit eating lunches and telling stories. I even brought my drone along to try and get some aerial photos/videos, even though that was the second time I'd flown it since buying it the night before - LOL. A couple of crash landings into the trees but it survived.

Darren and family
Bryan and family
Ron and his sidekick Pete
Richard Black (406 Cruisers and Montana Rovers)
Bruce Walker (Montana Rovers)
Alistair (Montana Rovers) and his friend Scott driving the Jeep Rubicon

The trail is pretty easy going for the majority of the trip. Small to medium rocks cover the trail as it begins the ascent up the mountain and into the forest. Lots of trees and branches either crossed the trail or were very close to the sides. Be aware of branches jutting out into the trail so you don't get speared by one. I had to pull an entire tree out of the path at one point. The trail is pretty narrow and if you encounter another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, depending on the sizes it could make for an awkward/tight squeeze to get by for both.

The trail ends at an old mining site where there's opportunities for camping and will fit several vehicles. To reach the lakes, you will need to hike approx. 1/2 mile.

This is an in-out trip.

Air down: 25-20 psi.





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