June 1-2-3 Wheeling trip.

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Jul 12, 2005

There is a possible 4 wheeling trip to South Western, PA (Fayette County) Planned for the 1st 2nd and 3rd of June. Some of my associates from Cleveland will be going for sure. I am planning on attending. The trails we run range from Simple to Moderately difficult. A stock truck could run most of the stuff. There are areas where it can be as hard as you like though.

Camping there are 2 places to camp 1 is at the Ohiopyle state park the Other Madison KOA. Assuming i go i will probably be staying at the KOA since it is right off i-70. The trails are roughly a 20 min drive from there.

Food you are on your own though if you stay at the K.O.A they often have food specials.

Required equipment:

Recovery Point
Tow Strap
Battery Hold down
Fire Extinguisher
Spare Tire
First Aid Kit.
Flash light

Suggested Equipment:

All Terrain Tire
Bow Saw
Tool Kit
Camping Gear as needed.

If anyone is intrested let me know.

- Jason
This sounds good Jason.
count me in.
let me know when you get more details
where do you live Cruiser88?
This is close for me too.
I live in the Wheeling WV area.
87 pickup
Solid axle swap
duel T cases
lockrites in front and rear
and bald 38 inch swampers.
But I only have 2 extra Birfields. :)

I live in Saint Claisville OH

87 pickup
Solid axle swap
duel T cases
lockrites in front and rear
and bald 38 inch swampers.
But I only have 2 extra Birfields. :)

I live in Saint Claisville OH

i see a trail fix in your near future:D :lol: kidding, i shall see ya up there, maybe we can convoy:beer:
Have you gone to wet stone yet?
Its down your way some where.


Update.... there will be 2 quads going Although i do not know if they will be staying at the KOA. There will also be a stock 85 toyota and a stock 97 TJ.

I reccomend staying at the KOA it's right off I-70 in Madison, PA. It's very easy to get too and about 20 min Interstate drive from where we wheel. Assuming i am able to go i will probably stay there 3 nights (thursday - saturday). If you Just drive to the KOA the spots are about 20.00 a night for a tent they also have cabins. I plan on Towing a Trailer and im going to reserve a RV spot which is 34.00 a night. I think this is better then other alternatives such as camping on the land we will be 4 wheeling since that is considered Illegal.The KOA is cheaper then a Hotel. Here is some information on the KOA.


The bellow link is pictures from the last trip to Fayette County. This should Give you some idea of the Terrain.


!!!! Kenny If you still have the 33's you may want to run them the 38's Might bore you. Although there is some pretty crazy rocks in the creek if you don't mind getting wet !!!!
I'll be in Charleston, maybe next time
I will be moving into the new place..... too much fun.
I can go Sat. And Sun. maybee Fri.
I hope some more of the buckeyes can go.

Where are you guys staying at have you figured that out ?

we are meeting 1 built XJ jeep in town and 1 lightly modified nissan hardbody.

- Jason
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