Its all yellow...finally!

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Nov 11, 2004
o,k started getting ready to spray the body last night..hit it hard today and about 5 hours later she done....ready to start reassemby and touch ups...i am looking forward to getting it back together....reassembly...lift, new tires,metal tech cage install, a few misc items and shes ready to roll...just in time for jakes 14th birthday and his drivers license!
hey...does any one have one of those plastic plugs that appears missing in one of the photos?...i broke the damn thing taking it out to replace the vent window...let me know
Oh now I can see in your pic of the masking that you meant to spray the tow hooks yellow and those other parts black.... to each his own!
Good progress man, what brand paint did you spray with? Official color?
sprayed it with omni by ppg...official color...nah its competition official dodge challenger color...the cruiser belongs to my 14 year old son...i think he is just happy to see it nearing completion:D

yellow tow son thinks they look sweet...and thats what is important to me!

that 40 is looking good, you are a cool dad. my son can't wait to drive my 40, but he's only 12 so a few more years. we may build him his own with a parts rig i picked up ?

your color looks simular to what i painted mine, here's a pic after the metal tech cage install just to pump your son up a little more :grinpimp:
thanks gunman...yours looks sweet...just in the last 2 weeks my sons 40 is now able to start, run and stop...its driving him crazy...he drives it back and forth in tha garage while sitting on a 5 gal bucket...only about 2' in each direction...hopefully my cage goes in this week..
Beautiful job, Osage!

not a hardship..but the law in kansas makes it a hardship on in kansas get their learners permit at 14....if you own a farm you can get a farmers permit and immediately drive to school, work or on errand for the daughter always carried some farm parts in her trunk...courtesy of her grandpa so she could drive all over...if stopped...she was on an errand....the police in our small town tend to look the other my son already has his box of tractor parts and is counting the days:eek:

thats funny he drives it back and fourth in the shop. since you are in a farming area is there anywere he could take it for a spin, if so i would throw a seat in it and let him have some fun. when i was growing up i had a buddy with and older brother who raised horses and we used to skip school and go drive his truck all over the feilds. we had a blast and we used to ride the horses on the trails in the area. man i miss being a kid and farmland is disapearing so fast in my area.

take care, sounds like you got a good kid there too.
he will love it when you are finished.

Osagecruiser, very nice work man, your son will have the coolest rig in his highschool parking by far.

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