Is anyone pulling their FJ60 behind their RV?

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Dec 2, 2009
Tomball, Texas
If so, just wondering how that has or is working for you, what your experiences have been and how easy is it to release if you need it?

We are looking at buying an RV, we have a E350 Van capable of pulling a good sized travel trailer, but all the places we want to go we would also want our FJ60 to drive around in and explore... so without having to drive two vehicles we are now looking at a Thor Chateau, which we would simply tow the FJ60 behind, just wondering the thoughts you have or your experiences in either towing a vehicle or simply driving two vehicles? Having a Class C or a Travel trailer is going to happen, we just wanted some feedback or wisdom if any are willing to give it). Most of our travels would be out west, and from my truck travels would be in larger more open RV parks or campsites, nothing dense like in the Appalachians.
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