Ipod for factory stereo ??

Mar 29, 2011
I have the 9 speaker system with the OEM double din CD/tape player in my 91 FJ80 and I wanted to know if an ipod cable can be used with it ?
If not, will one work with the later 96/97 OEM stereo ?
And if one will work with the 96/97 stereo, will that stereo fit in my 91 and will the factory connectors work ?
Thanks in advance !
Jan 18, 2008
Boise, ID
You can use the cheap crappy tape player adapter, but given the age of the stereo, didn't it come with a record player adapter? ;)

I am looking at swapping out my single din Alpine for a newer ~$110 Pioneer unit that has an IPOD adapter with full controls.
Feb 23, 2011
El Segundo, CA
Considered doing the Scion HU swap, but I didn't want to hack up my dash faceplate.

I found it way easier to get a $120 Pioneer single din HU off the internet, had more features than the Scion HU, along with full RGB control over the display colors. Install was easy after I read a few of the stereo threads on this forum.

After installing it, it took me about 30 seconds to exactly dial the colors in to match every other pear-green light on the dash.

DEH-4300UB - CD Receiver with Color Customization and USB Direct Control for iPod®/iPhone® | Pioneer Electronics USA

Full iPod control, 3.5mm aux input, plays mp3 cds, and can play directly off a USB thumb drive too. There are a ton of similar models out there by other manufacturers in this price range also, so just take a look on Crutchfield or someplace like it.

When I bought from Crutchfield, I got a free kit that came with the wiring harness and a little cubby to fill the other single din spot. I'll use it to mount one of my 2 line LCD displays at some point once I figure out a fun project to hook up to it. Homebrew digital compass/altimeter readout maybe?
Feb 7, 2008
I am thinking of using that space for a CB unit, but I like the idea of the compass/altimeter!

This has been posted before but for reference this is the pioneer single din that has a ipod control chord out the back. I have it running into the back of the ashtray which holds my ipod perfectly. close it and you dont see it and doesnt take up space. I generally have it just on shuffle and it goes all the time and is always charged. CB is on top. Takes some effort to put it in but worth it.

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