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Feb 26, 2004
YouTube - SAC engine mod

This is from 4xforum, which I think is a South African website. The vehicle appears to be a 105, but the engine is definately a 1FZ-FE.

It talks about how they improved fuel economy by porting the head and adding different valves. The bad part is this appears to just be part 1 and cuts off right before they show the dyno results. I can't find part 2. Sorry.

I would have liked to find out what, if any, results they got. Especially considering so many of us have or will have to pull the head to do a headgasket change at some point.
Id like to see results as well. They also swapped the intake cam and ported the manifold runners.
Interesting. I didn't know this can be done. Very curious to know about the dyno result as well. Any one here has done this?
Based on my Harley experience from the early 90's, a set of ported and polished Branch head made a noticeable difference in the performance. I'm not sure how much lightening up the valves would hurt, there would be limits. I'm no machinist that for sure.

I've thought about trying to port and polish the intake, it wouldn't hurt anything. I've never actually had the intake off, but I'd imagine it has the typical sandy, rough finish. 18 mpg here I come. ;)

In my regular job, I work stormsewer design, detention basin design just about everyday. There is definate difference in inlet control with a square edge headwall vs. a tapered inlet, vs. protuding beveled edge. Therefore I'd definately agree with their results in square edge vs. tapered orifice.
I did all but big valves and cam timing changes.. need more info on the timing. The engine in the video is the second gen. 1FZ, different manifold, larger valves to begin with, factory header..

Mine will be running soon..



Robbie? Your thoughts?
BJ - what is that aluminum intake from? I'd guess you cut yours in half, but that part looks like it came in 2 pieces??


I'd also like to see the results on Part 2. Anyone?? Anyone? Beuhler???
I say we mad carpet bomb the "comments" on the YouTube vid :grinpimp:
I was thinking about porting my head when I had it off for a HG replacement I thought it might be a waste of time and was more anxious to get it back on the road and not get sidetracked. I was also interested in a different cam but got no responses from any Mud members.
Without the big valve and modified cam, it is same as the valve grind job, isn't it? It sounds like the 2nd gen 1FZJ engine is slightly different. If one could source a regular (US) head, big valves and the modified cam (or spec), would it be possible to run by a machine shop and get the work done? That intake does look different.
one: y'all aren't exactly thinking up some new mod.

and two: y'all aren't exactly thinking up some cheap mod. :rolleyes:

I see lots of down time in your futures, and porting is an art, not to be taken lightly by the inexperienced.
I just picked up a copy of Practical Gas Flow by John Dalton. Lots of good info on how to tinker with the head, and maximize flow efficiency. His techniques are based on taking your time, building a ghetto fab flow-bench and using models of the ports and chamber constructed with silicone forms and plaster moulds to fine tune your approach before you commit to metal. Reading through it has me thinking of picking up a spare head for my 3FE and working it up for a swap-in. If anyone is seriously considering doing this, it's a good read for $14.
One could source a spare head and manifolds and then spend few months in porting them. It's a lot of work but the end result pays off handsomely.
Yeah thats a great video, but it was kinda like a massage without the happy ending.
What changed in the 2nd gen 1FZ-FE

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