Wanted Instrument cluster CHG idiot light and/or backing plate

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Jul 20, 2004
Sweet, Idaho
United States
Anyone have the early instrument cluster CHG idiot light and backing plate that they aren't using anymore (maybe swapped out for AMP meter or Volt meter)? It's the plate and missing light shown in the pic, and you can see it's been hacked up a bit. The bulb socket is in the wire harness, just need the part that that plugs into. I have the fuel gauge, so don't need that. Or I'd take just the plate of a more recent one that's for the AMP meter and fuel gauge if someone has that. Thanks.
Instrument cluster gas and chg light.jpg


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So all I really need is the CHG “meter” that’s really just an empty container with an amber lens in it.
Part Number FJ40 57120 which is the whole left side meter assembly I guess.
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Or, while your scrounging through your old parts bins looking for stuff to help me out 😛, the item circled in red would make my day (completely), but I’d even take just the thingy circled in blue. I’d even start with what that thing is called in generic terms so I can search the WWW and find a substitute.
How’s the searching going?😛
No yet Matt. Tracking shows it’s in Boise, so almost here. Probably tomorrow.
Another bump for the CHG indicator gauge thingy.
Thanks for the referral @RAGINGMATT I have one but it is in my 25, and I'm Keeping it. John

i have been following @middlecalf 's quest with some interest , until i first saw it , i know about the early Gauge indicators , but from

only from photos ? and till now they were refereed to at "White " , Never AMBER ?

i guess age & time & UV rays take there toll just like front Bib Lights lens's on early years , and turn the front sides white color ?

as i read here or on this main thread build [page he was able to simply flip them , to re-gain the Good look again ?

i have a Fondness for anything JDM Retro Amber that Illuminates :idea:

i went through my entire stash and i dont think i have a unique creative solutuion either :confused:

i wonder if @Indygbd has the Path forward ?
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