Installed a superlift speed sensor calibrator

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Jul 31, 2004
Nicosia, CYPRUS
I bought a superlift speed sensor calibrator for my 2000 TLC becasue i run different tire sizes.

Installation was pretty easy, but it took time to study the EWD until we found the speed sensor wire and connector (see pg 242 of 2000 model year EWD). Then we went hunting behind the glove box for the right connector, realizing after an hour of looking, it was staring us straight in the face. There must be hundreds of similar shaped and colored connectors on these things!

We drilled a hole in the glove box like Slee did with an 80 on his web page, and put the unit in there. We used a GPS to calibrate the speedo to two sets of tires 295/75/16 bfgoodrich AT and 265/75/16 Nokian winter studded tires. Took some fiddling on the unit to get the calibrations right but it all worked out.

two pictures are from the EWD. the connector IX1 has the speed sensor wire (R-G) color leading to PIN 7 from the sensor on the transmission after passing a EB1 "engine bay 1" connector. Bottom picture is the connector's location behind the glove box. It is to the left of the ECU, slightly to the front. You do not have to remove the ecu to do this!

After making the R-G cut, calibrator has 4 wires, Green to the Sensor side, yellow to the connector, power (red) -- there's lots of 12v acc sources back here, and black for ground.
EWD IX1.jpg
ewd vss.jpg
IX1 Close up.jpg
Great Write-up! Thanks, pequiod.

I've thought about installing a yellow-box but continue to do the math in my head to try and avoid the speeding tickets.
OK, so am I to understand that you have to cut the RG wire and put the Truspeed in series in between the 2 cut ends? And then hunt for power, ground etc around there someplace? Could you confirm for reference that the side of the RG wire away from the female connector shown here is the sensor direction?

what does SB mean in the diagram?

(will put this in the FAQ)
SB = Sky Blue for the wire colors on the female connector.

following RG back from the male connector would lead you to the sensor evenutally (via EB1).

if the sensor was the dam from which RG flows, after you cut RG, Green superlift wire goes "upriver" on RG, yellow "downriver" on RG.

12V red -- think we used the antenae relay power which was nearby back there. any ground will do.
ummm... one of us must be confused about the difference between male and female... :)
I hope it's not me! :D
yeah, i'm confused. I prefer a gender-neutral connector discussion. Change above. SB is male side, RG female connector side.
Does the unit function as expected? Have you tested the accuracy?
to test the unit I took a GPS unit , put the vehicle on cruise control to hold it at a speed on a flat road and calibrated the unit so the speedo displayed the gps speed accurately. (you need another person to do this safely). once set accurately it has worked as advertised without problems and I have not had to adjust anything since. While moving and calibrating the unit the shiftpoints change and you can feel how modification in speed signal really affects what the computer is telling the engine and transmission to do.
This is excellent information and your objective view is appreciated.

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