Information Wanted - 7" round LED head lights

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Sep 7, 2004
I have been looking to see if anyone on IH8mud has bought and installed a set of 7" round 80W headlights from the Super Bright LED web site. (see tag)
I have looked at many LED headlight options in the last few mouths but know nothing about these.
Since they are a H6024 replacement I would like to know how they installed (any problems) on a 40/45 series truck if possible and of course if they made any difference compared to a Halogen type light.
As said I've looked at many but just interested in these.

7" Round H6024 LED Sealed-Beam Headlights Conversion | LED Headlight Bulbs | LED Car Light Bulbs | Super Bright LEDs
looks that way - put a message into Super Bright LED folks to ask who is the manufacture of them since I see no name on the lights.
Looks as they are made in China under a agreement with Super Bright LED company. @ $160 each they are neck and neck with some US made LED lights that are 80W and with some of the same features. May lean towards the US made brand(s).

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