Idiot YouTubber Off road Jargon

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Another wiener Jake! 🏅
Wonder if you should have mentioned some other slang like: diff's, lockers, sliders, ditch lights, off camber, high centered, shelf roads?
I often get questions about how deep I can take my rig with the snorkel.
My answer? Not very, because of all the electronics. Might be able to get to hood level, but....
The main reason, aside from the coolness :cool: is, and you are correct about getting clean air when in a caravan on a dusty trail, but also, it gives a "ram-air" effect and provide much cooler air than all the hot air coming off the pavement through the fender. To this point, it provides a little better performance.
How much???
Well, wetting my finger and sticking it out the window on a hot day doing about 60 mph, I'd say, just about enough...

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