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Nov 12, 2013
Denver, CO
Hey mudders
Got my cruiser back together about a month ago after doin the HG
Anyway, picked up an exhaust leak where the two y pipes come together before the cats,
Thinking I created the leak by not disconnecting the manifolds from the y pipe, I just pulled em back and bungeed out of the way. :doh:
I tried scuffing the crack up good with emery cloth, then applying jb weld putty to the crack
But it only lasts a week or so.
Was thinking I should pull the pipe and weld the crack, but I got to lookin at the bolts back by the cats and am very scared to attempt to remove em, thinking all snap the heads off!
An advice would help!!!!!!!!
Dec 13, 2008
N. West CT.
Mine had some leakage there too. I just welded it back up while in place. No biggie. Tight fit with ugly welds but it doesnt leak.

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