has a FJ40 4 sale

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Feb 26, 2009
Rich Industris: Import Auto Recyclers the salvage yard over off the 435 I-70 interchange has a 76 FJ40 for sale. He said it has a 327 chevy motor but they have not driven it for a few years. They said its rusty and want 2000 bucks for it. Its not listed on there web site
Have you looked at it? A buddy of mine and I went and looked at it about a month ago, and imo it isn't worth it. They tried telling us that the motor is worth that alone, but it didn't look like it had been started in years. But I am very, very new to LC's, so it might be worth it to someone else.
Junk. that thing has been sitting there for YEARS.. They used to deny anyone looking at and wouldn't entertain any offers in the past.. I'm guessing it's DEAD.. it was their plow truck for the last decade.
It didnt sound like it was worth 2 g's Whem I talked to him all he kept say was it has a 327 in it, so I sked him how much without the motor. He didnt want to do that.
Erik is right I dont think it's moved in 5-10 years. and as i recall the body has a good amount of rust

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