Hoosier Cruiser/Windy City Mini UA 6/16 to 6/21

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Aug 7, 2003
Hey Guys:
I am the event coordinator for the Hoosier Cruisers. We have joined up with the Windy City Cruisers and are planning a Mini Ultimate Adventure into your state and visiting three off road parks. There should be at least 10 vehicles in our convoy. We thought there might be some TAC members that might want to join up and wheel/party with us as we swing through WASHITA TRAILS, FLAT NASTY, and SMORR. Here is our itinary:

6/13 Travel day
6/14 to 6/16 Washita Trails
6/16 to 6/19 Flat Nasty
6/19 to 6/21 SMORR

Here is a link to our HC thread on this event. There you will also find links to Google maps we have made of our route: https://forum.ih8mud.com/hoosier-cruisers/280472-windy-city-hoosier-cruiser-mini-ua.html.

Sure would be nice to meet up with some of you guys and maybe ladies during the week. We had heard that some of you were planning to go to SMORR that weekend so let us know. If someone from your group wants to take the lead in coordinating this with me, send me a PM and we can exchange cell numbers to aid in hooking up. Thanks and happy trails.
Hey ron, you got the dates wrong in the title......."No dude, theres gravity" moment??
Thanks John. I didn't realize that. Tried to edit the title but didn't see how.

For all who read this, the dates should be 6/13 to 6/21.
PM todd or Brian, they can change it.
I've tried as I have mod rights to this forum, but apparently don't have the universal-all-being mod rights...

Sounds like a blast. I did something similar with Woody and a few of the Lone Star guys at Disney, Clayton, and Poteau a few years ago. Had a blast following those guys around like a little brother on 35's. Unfortunately I'm out - promised the wife I'd go with her to a class reunion that weekend. :-(
Vicky and I attended your '08 Get Flat Nasty w/TAC event and had a blast. We are also Hoosier Cruiser and Gateway Cruiser members. It will be great to see some of those we have already met and look forward to meeting some other members of TAC that we may not have. This will be a great way to see SMORR as we have not been there as of yet. We are only able to do the fist and last parts of this adventure.

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