High Beams on dim when off

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Jan 6, 2014
Spoakne Valley, WA
So I have a 95 cruiser and this morning on my drive in to work I was using my high beams but as I got into town I turned them off. A little further down the road I looked down and my my high beam dash indicator was dimly glowing. tried flashing my highs a couple times, still on, shut off the lights and back on, still on.
turned the rig off then on and they were still on.

I do have some after marked headlights but they plug into the factory harness.
the lows are HID'd but the highs are just halogen still.

I am guessing they are being back fed from something but not sure what.

If you have a suggestion to check let me know.
The ballast for your HID probably went bad

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