Help with hdj81 BEB change in Victoria area

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Jun 17, 2016
Victoria, BC
Hey would anyone be willing to help me with changing beb's on 1hdte? I can do simply things like oil changes and little bits here and there, not BEBs. Wiling to pay cash or beer.

Thanks in advance
If you are not comfortable doing this, it's probably best to pay a shop like RADD to do it. Folks here probably won't want to do it for you as if something goes wrong it means the end of your engine. No one wants that responsibility. I just did my BEB in my 2LTE for the heck of it and it went pretty straight forward, but even i would not want to be responsible for someone else's engine.
And I am not telling you to do this job, but it is more time than effort, get he plasti gauge and have at a pile of write ups on it.

Use the best bearings available and its not that bad a job.

I'm the last person who could help... Don't even know what beb is. If it were my diesel I'd go for it, but I'd recommend you talk to John at RADD. He's been wrenching on Toyota Landcruisers since before I met him 25 years ago... He knows his stuff.

Next on my list would be Steve at EBI. He has an excellent reputation.

That said, Diesel Cruiserman knows his stuff... And if he says you can do it... You likely can... :D
I did them on my 81 when had it.

It was a little terrifying, but less so than not knowing what state they were in as I drove down the highway. It isn't really a difficult job if everything goes smoothly,( and you're comfortable with wrenches), but it is quite time consuming and rather messy.

I took the oil pan off the day before and let it drip overnight, to keep the oil drops in the face down to a merely unpleasant number.

As I recall there's a multipoint socket you'll need to do it , that you probably won't have.

All in all, if I had the money( and I rarely do) it'd be nice to pay an expert. It's not something you want to be thinking about while driving.
I looked up what BEB are. Although I've not done them on a Landcruiser, I have rebuilt a Triumph l6. I agree with others. It is a time consuming job to install the bearings. Plastiguage all the clearances, lube them before assembly, torque them in sequence, and double check all the torques prior to reassembly.

I've disassembled one motor where the con rod caps weren't torqued and the motor grenaded, and another where the caps were put on the wrong rods.

Long story short... Although messy, disassembly, and reassembly of the bottom end of a motor is easy (even the first time). Plasti-guage is virtually fool proof (squish and compare to chart). I'd not hesitate to do the job if I needed to.

The first motor I rebuilt was a formerly rebuilt & balanced Triumph Gt6 motor. Since then I've replaced the crank in the mower after it was bent (x2). To top it off, I figured it all out on my own, and didn't need any help.

Go for it... If the clearances aren't correct with the new bearings, the crank will likely Need to be machined so pull it and take it to a machine shop (JB did good work for me). All goes well, and it likely will, you'll be done on the weekend.

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