help...stubborn inner axle shaft

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Feb 18, 2008
Wichita, Kansas
doing a mini truck disc brake swap...

I stripped all the knuckles down on both sides, then went to pull out the birf/inner axle shafts from the donor axle (1985 mini truck axle). The long side pulled out no problem, but the short side will not pull out of the housing, almost like something is holding it into the diff. Has anyone ever had this problem before? Any suggestions? The birf feels like is got some foreign object debris mixed in the grease, hindering smooth operation, so I was going to get some brake cleaner to try and shoot that all out, see if that helps.

Thanks all!
If the housing is bent, and even slightly, it will cause a bind on the axle shaft assembly, making it VERY DIFFICULT to remove from the axle housing.

Make sure the flats on the birfield are lined up with the top and bottom of the knuckle opening and work it out of the housing.
Un do the swivel hub bearings these some times clamp the knuckle a little tight if not set up properly making it imposible to pull the CV and axle out.

Doing the above can just take the pressure off the knuckle.

dent puller

Is there a threaded hole in the end of the birthfield?

I if there is one you could possibly use one of the autobody dent pullers to tug it out with a few impacts.

I don't know what the pullers are called but they are essentially a weight that slides back and forth on a solid steel rod.
That's right. Thanks.

I'm definately not a body man... and my rig shows it!
is their anyway to straighten the housing? Like some chain and a couple of pickup trucks...or is bent housing pretty much junk? Then i could just cut the axle shaft out...

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