HELP! stranded! codes p0300, p0305, p0306

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Aug 22, 2011
Crested Butte, CO
Hello Cruiser world!
I am currently stranded in Salida, CO. My 1996 fzj80 started stumbling and loosing power while I was driving. The check engine light came on and would occasionally flash. I limped it into Salida and checked the codes at local Autozone. I was throwing codes p0300, p0305, p0306, and p0401 (I have had this egr code for some time now). I am trying to get my 12yo son to Taos, New Mexico for a competition that starts tomorrow. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciatied. Will I do any damage if I try and limp it for another 3 hour drive? HELP!!
If I remember off of my head correctly, those are misfire codes. Random misfire, cylinder 5 and 6 misfires.. check distributor, plugs, and wires.
X2. along with possible head gasket issues.
Classic cruisers is in Salida. Ask for Merle. They can get you going.
These are the codes often seen after running rig thru quarter car wash and getting engine way too wet. The dizzy has a breather hole near the top and is easy to flood with high pressure washers. Are you driving thru a lot of rain?

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