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Jun 2, 2010

I found a 91 Cruiser for sale that I am considering buying. I dont really need it but do want one. I have received a bunch of pics from the seller including undercarriage and engine bay pics but I'm not real sure if I see any issues or not. The price is reasonable to me and the milelage is over 200k just barely.
Would anybody be interested in viewing the pics and letting me know if they see any unusual? I wont be able to see the truck in person so.... not real sure what I'm getting into. Not the smartest/cheapest way to purchase but thats where I'm at till I find one closer. It's just going to be an around town truck and so forth. My 3rd car to mess with..
I can email the pics.
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Looks sweet. Needs an air intake hose. Got some red weedeater cord around the old one(looks like). Front axles (birfields) need servicing (who's don't?). Original steering stabilizer, probably good for another 100K. I just changed mine at 290K and no difference and the old one was fine. I'd go for it if the price is right and no noticeable body work or frame damage.

One more thought. 10 to 12 mpg in the city.
It doesn't look like a rust bucket to me but I haven't seen others. Its showing a high idle or is that normal? No body damage though.
Any idea on a price range for this rig?

Keep bringing the comments I really appreciate it! Still on the fence. My luck I'll get it home and need a new tranny and then some.....
You're really ok buying it without checking it out in person?

You could post up where it is and see if anyone here could check it out for you; I'm pretty sure we haven't had many incidences of anyone getting "sniped" by another member.
It's right here if anyone is close and can check it out. Also on autotrader.
City of Cars
44636 Woodward Avenue
Across from the hospital
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48341
Appearance-wise, it looks good at first glance. Then something caught my attention in photo #2200.
So, I checked out the photos of the underside.
Looking closer, one can see evidence the undercarriage and front-end section were painted over. The signs are all over the place.
Someone has attempted to cover up the rust. If it's that way on the outside, it makes one wonder what it's like inside the sections one can't see.
I would be hesitant to make a move without personal inspection.
Don't zero in on just this one. Keep looking and check the classifieds here too.
Good luck.

Oh, and don't overlook checking out this link,
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Is that weepage in pic 2226 in the background on the xfer case? Or just seals popping out?

I do see rust on the underside like some have stated. As to how deep it is, you wouldnt know until you started to scratch a few things. Interior looks like it just needs a cleaning (stains). Driver seat appears not to have the normal signs of wear for that seat (which is good). Is the window tint really blue?

Really comes down to your comfort and if the price is right. I can say that the rust can point out to the condition of other stuff (hose clamps, ease to remove bolts without breaking, maintenance, etc).
The oil pressure is showing a bit low on the interior shot where the truck is high idling. Should be at 3/4 of the way up. Thin or old oil could be the culprit. It would be a turnoff for me. Just saying...
Don't buy off pics alone. I have thought that pics looked exceptional until laying eyes on a vehicle. One specific vehicle was an absolute piece of junk.

You will probably get a better vehicle, for a better price if you buy privately! Check out classifieds here on MUD.
The oil pressure is showing a bit low on the interior shot where the truck is high idling. Should be at 3/4 of the way up. Thin or old oil could be the culprit. It would be a turnoff for me. Just saying...

No. These gauges are not accurate. If I judged your statement by my gauge, yours would be crazy high. Mine has sit dead center for the last 19 years.
The accuracy of the stock oil pressure gauge, or rather lack thereof, has been discussed frequently here. Don't pay that gauge too much credence, unless it's pegged either direction.

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