Help identify these leaks?

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Jun 5, 2012
Springfield, OR
I bought this 97 LC and working on leaks from top down. I just replaced dizzy o ring yesterday and moving on to next area. Not sure what this area is called but 2 separate leaks... One from what appears a plug on front of engine below crankshaft pulley? The other is coming from the brass colored cover on the left with the 2 bolts? Any input greatly appreciated!
The leak dripping off the large plug is from the oil pump cover located just above that area (not the plug itself). There is a formed O-ring that needs to be replaced, do a search for oil+pump+cover in the 80 forum, there are a few threads with photos. The leak off the shield for the crank position sensor may be from the O-ring for the sensor, the oil pump cover, the front crank seal, or the main oil pan front arch.
It's a fun job, no really it is.....:rolleyes:
Def. the oil pump cover. This job can be a PIA for sure. I do have a trick that worked GREAT. The fasteners are all phillips which are on there good and strip very easy. I bought 7 #3 phillips bits and tack welded them one by one, and loosened one by one. The heat from the tack weld helps out also. It took me a couple hrs to get to this step but once I did the first one it took all of 10 min. to have them all off.
Now there's a different way to get the job done. Innovative! Did you put them back in like that?
No I bought new ones from Mr T. and tossed out the old. Here is a pic.
Thanks for the help. Did cooling system flush yesterday. Looks lik I will need a new radiator. Probably a good time to do oil pump cover while I have the extra room.

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