HELP!!! CEL but no codes

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May 8, 2009
Ambridge, PA
I'm new to IH8mud but not toyota's. I have a 95 Land Criuser that I've owned for a few months. This is my first Toyota that is OBDI, I've had OBDI Hondas and they are basically the same to check the engine light with a paper clip (TE1 and E1 for the Toyota) but when I jump it and turn the key to on it doesn't blink.

The light first came on after about 1000 miles of owning it, and it's been comming on more and more frequently, now every 100 miles or so. It only comes on when I'm crusing on the highway (makes me think it's and O2 sensor as they generally don't throw a code till you're above 50 MPH for 15 min).

This problem is really bugging me and I hate to replace both the up and downstream O2 and the light still come on.

Wondering if anyone has had this problem in the past (bad fuse, ground, etc.?)

Thank you in advance,

Oh and it has 190,000 on it, completly stock, for now.
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No, it is OBDI, it does NOT have the OBDII port under the dash, it has the OBDI port under the hood (left front of the engine bay, by the firewall) and it also has 2 cats (upstream and downstream) it was manufactured in July 95, I don't know if that has anything to do with it, maybe between model years?
The OBDII port isn't "under the dash", it is behind the fuse cover to the left of the steering wheel. Remove the fuse cover (plastic rectangle) and see if the OBDII port is there.

EVEN 80's with the OBDII port have the other "port" under the hood on the firewall - but that WON'T trigger the code display, you need the reader.

2 inline cats (front/rear, US PS) sounds like an OBDII 80 to me...

My '95 is a Feb build date and is OBDII. I just hooked up my new Scanguage II yesterday (and cleared a P0420 code :rolleyes:).

I have the engine bay diagnostics port as well, but it's OBDII for sure. With a July date, which is near end of model year, you are certain to be OBDII I would think.
Thank you for the help, the only reason I thought other wise was that the under hood diagnostics port is also used for setting the timing. when running and plugged the idol will drop slightly. Mine doesn't drop and I thought that maybe I had a problem with my port.
Also I was under the impression that OBDII wasn't implicated untill 96, but maybe that was just when it was manditory.

Thank you,

Several manufacturers had OBDII compliant vehicles in 95, and some even in 94. All the manufacturers got on the page in 96, with the same computer configuration. You should be able to read the fault code via your OBDII port, if your vehicle is equipped, and the car's OBD computer software will talk to the reader.

Good luck!

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