Hella 500FF- wiring diagram is cryptic

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Jan 6, 2010

I bought the Hella 500FF kit from Wally world today and it isn't bad, actually pretty nice for $68. However, the wiring diagram that came with the kit is nearly illegible and the wiring diagram on Hella's website isn't much better as it shows different parts then what I have in the 500FF kit. There doesn't seem to be much that you could do wrong except that I can't get mine to come on. I may not have the best ground for the switch, but I'm not even sure I have the rest hooked up right.

Does anyone else have this kit hooked up on your rig? If so, can you please help me understand the proper setup and where you made your grounds?

*does this kit REQUIRE that you use the green wire to splice into the high beams? I'd rather not and would prefer to use these even when not using the highs.


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My experience: I had a set of those lights several years ago, and I had a hard time keeping them working, the problem was the connection at the bulbs. You pay what you get for, as the saying goes. Even if you get them working, pretty soon moisture will leak behind the lenses and start to corrode the reflective stuff off, kinda like this:


Personally, I would take them back, get some good lights, like IPF or the higher-end Hellas.
I have 500s hooked up via the Slee wiring harnesses (Slee - Light Harness). No cutting or splicing involved, and full power to the lights directly off the battery.

As to quality of the lights, my 500s have been on my front bumper for three years. I had them apart the other day to install HID bulbs and they are still in perfect shape. YMMV

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