For Sale Helena, MT: 1995 Toyota Landcruiser

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
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Selling my beloved moo cow. Good rig for a wheeler or a candidate for a chassis swap.

Body is black & white from previous owner, original color being single stage white. B pillar and rear fender on drivers side are crinkled so the rear door is spray foamed shut, done by previous owner. It worked out well for us. Hood struts don’t work anymore so we use vise grips. Rear hatch lost gas so we’ve been using a stick to prop it open. Interior has stains and tears on seats and carpet. Pretty cracked up windshield, but no leaks. Has an O2 sensor CEL. CEL light burned out.

Has a rust free chassis, runs and drives great, clean MT title. Has been baselined for long trips after buying it (radiator, alternator, starter, battery, spark plugs, distributor cap & leads, air filter, ignition cylinder, etc.) Brake pads & rotors replaced in the last year. Great truck for getting around.

Has an OME stock heavy height lift. Cut to fit 37s. Comes with 35” Cooper STT Pros on LX450 wheels. Rear spartan locker installed. Will throw in a Scion head unit, extra transmission, extra starter, extended brake lines, and of course the 2nd and 3rd row seats. Can also sell e locker & spare set of daily driver wheels and tires for extra.

Need to fund an LS swap on my other 80 so it’s time to let her go. Asking $5500.




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