Heater Core Question

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May 7, 2016
Decatur GA
I am about to dive into my heater cores and find the leak. After reading a few other threads, I am thinking it could be the rear under the seat. That is where I am going to start at least. But I have a question about something in the engine compartment. What is supposed to go to the area I have pictured? When I got the truck, I was told by the owner that there was a small leak where you can see a small piece of hose with a screw clamp on a tee where the coolant goes through the firewall. I have never seen it leak, so I just left it alone. But now that I am going to possibly replace some stuff around there, I would like to know what that is, or was. Was it a valve? BTW, that hose is actually a cap closing off the tee.

The hose coming out of the bottom originally went to the rear heat. There are 2 "T" connectors at the firewall, one for the supply and one for the return. Its common to bypass the rear heater lines as they are known to degrade with time and are relatively inaccessible. I just bypassed mine by removing the T's but you could also cap off the T connectors as shown on yours.
Great. Thanks. Looks like the front heater core is coming out after all.
Toadshade: where is the leak or what area is getting wet and what is leaking (water or coolant), wet carpet, smells like anti-freeze,---? Got photos?
No photos that would be valuable. Basically, I smell antifreeze when I turn on the heater. Since I have learned that my rear core has been bypassed based on the photo, I can assume that my front core is leaking. My passenger side floor is always wet and slick to the touch. And I do not know if this is a symptom, but after I refill my radiator, I notice a lot more leakage under the truck. There is a good wet line on the floorboard edge next to the door. But I guess the AC on this thing is a monster. There is always a good puddle of pure water on the ground after driving with the AC on. No radiator fluid as far as I can tell. But I have not refilled in a few days. Core temps have been OK. Bad on my part I know.

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