Headlight troubleshooting

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Sep 1, 2017
Wet Side, Wa
Yo Mud,

Looking for your thoughts on my 97' Right Headlight issue. It refuses to make light. I have completed " Only one light comes on" troubleshooting on FSM: BE-7 and am at "Wire Harness". The wire harness and all the connections are super clean.

It all started about two weeks ago on a rainy night noticed it was out. When I checked the bulb it came on while untwisting it from its housing in the lens. Put it back in and headed home. Repeat for the next two days and than it would not come back on at all.

Any help before I start dropping BILLS would be awsome.

Pigtail failure.
Is the right bulb in there? When I got mine the PO had installed high beams in the low beam sockets, you could jam the connector on but it would come loose easily. You may also try cleaning inside the connector with electric contact cleaner and use some dielectric grease on pins.
Hey guys i have a 1998 Lexus LX470 and im pretty sure i have a short on my passenger side headlight. I have checked fuse and sometimes if I beat on the headlight it will come on. Where do I need to start in order to fix this problem? Because my beating the headlight technique failed me as of last night and im currently driving a 1 eyed monster.
Check for power at the plug. So unplug from the bulb and test at the socket. If it gets power, you have a bad bulb or connection. If it doesn't, something is broken upstream.
Swap bulb with the other side to see if it works

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