hdj81 door glass?

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May 1, 2008
Someone recently broke into my hdj81, didn't steal anything but smashed my front door glass. My local auto body guy says that he needs to import the glass from japan. Doesn't this seem strange. I would have thought that any NA landcruiser or lexus of the same year would fit.

Is he inept or is he correct. Its an insurance claim so I don't think they can charge me extra.
the front door glass should be the same. i think its the rear glass and front windscreen thats got specific NA spec tint to it. maybe he just doesnt want to do it...in that case find a better glass shop.
The HDJ81 has a factory yellowish/gold tint(in the glass) to it and the US spec didn't get this, at least that is what I have been told. If you are looking for window glass contact Sheldon at G&S Cruiser Parts, he had a wrecked 81 with all of the door window glass intact IIRC. I hope this helps.


Here you go: www.gscruiserparts.com
Any update or positive outcome by any chance? I got smashed in last night and need a window ASAP and according to the glass shop there isn't any in stock in Canada...

Hope you guys don't mind my second post about window glass, we're haing rain every other day this time of the year...

Anyone have success with making a temp piece out of acrylic?
Sure there's stock.. in my back yard.
Parting out four HDJ81s. Lots of bronze tint glass available among other things...

Great! I'll get back to you early next week, waiting for an answer from the shop (they actualy have the bronze tint glass litsed, it's just a matter of finding out IF they can get it) and I have to talk to the insurance people regarding my premium... I fortunately managed to make a nice acrylic window so it turned out well considering the circumstances... At lest I managed to finish the job before the downpour we had right after...
Its the same as NA spec, different part ##'s since there different specs (dot, ansi etc) as well as tints......... if you need glass you need glass and by the way things are going i think you will want to replace with DOT stamped glass when ever needed . I had my windshield R&R'ed by Concept heavy equipment glass in port kells to find a leak and he ordered a spare just incase it broke and we didn't need it, so he still has it. He looked briefly at the rest of the glass on my rig and said there would not be any problem getting glass for it.
Don't worry about DOT... It IS DOT ;) at least all my other glass is... As for the windshield this my be another story...

As for glass no prblems either, except for the tint: the bronze colored glass is impossible to find in NA!

I have a supplier for the glass (my favourite Toyota dealer in Maine), he can get it new for $144, but it's blue... Sheldon can get it to me used for $180, bu as expensive as it is, it is indeed the right gold colour...

So yeah, the question is stay OEM or go standard NA? The insurenace doesn't mind having me get it new bluish or used goldish... I guess the final desicion will come down to condition it is in...

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