Hard accelerator

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Oct 8, 2020
Hi fellow mudders!

Its been a while since I posted here.
A recap on my 1993 FZJ:
1FZFE, US spec, 210.000 miles on it.
New OEM brakes are (front and rear)
Rebuild knuckles
New steering ends
New front axle shaft ends (don't know how they are called)
2" OME suspension KIT
Safari Snorkel
ARB bull bar
ARB drawers
Rear heater delete
Replaced all water hoses and vacuum hoses.
New OEM radiator
Rebuild T Case
Rebuild distributor, new OEM spark plug cables
Factory roof rack delete, will install ARB alloy flat rack
Overhauled AC compressor (I freeze my ass now)
And lots of little things that I lost track on them
Replaced accelerator cable from pedal to TB, and the one that goes to the tranny.

SO here comes the issue. My accelerator pedal is a bit hard. Can't control speed accurately. Mainly when starting from o MPH. When I try to accelerate gently, it is almost imposible, I get kind of a downkick from the tranny.

Being that I replaced both cables with OEM new ones, what could possibly be the problem?

Thanks in advance

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 12.57.09.png
Cables probably need to be adjusted where they connect under the hood
There's multiple threads on it if you search around

Pedal moved freely with cable disconnected?
My bad, haven't used the search button, sorry

I can't tell if the pedal moved freely, since the job was done by a trusted mechanic. But he didn't tell me anything about an issue with the pedal, so I guess it was OK.

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