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Oct 2004
Oct 30, 2004
A huge thank you goes out to Pres. David Crum and Member Mike Colon for their help today.
I gotta say I'm a pretty dam lucky guy to have friends like them.
Driven around in a LX570 on the hunt for a wagon. Waking David up early to go see a pile
of rust....again. Hooking it up and dragging it home. Always there when ya need him.


the new $$$ pit:
Thanks. Its a 92.

Im out cleaning it right now but the darn hose is frozen.
So while I'm waiting for it to thaw I'm taking off running boards, taillight guards, 3rd row seats etc etc.
I'll put up some daytime pics once its cleaned up.

Needs a little work to get it road ready. But nothing that can't be done in a driveway in a few days.
I just happen to be on vacation this week. So who knows maybe mid week It could be ready to roll.
No rush. I plan on having this one for a long time. At least a bit longer than the 40.
some daytime pics.

Spent an 1.5 hours taking off really bad pinstriping type sticker graphics. About 5" wide. Some
god awful rubber strips that I guess were some type of anti door ding device. 2 different kinds
sandwiching the awful sticker. That was just the pass side.
Paint came off some as expected. I planned on rhino lining the bottom half of truck anyway.

Front is a little twisted. Plan on replacing the lower panel. Bang out the fenders and hood so its good
enough to get back together. Then put some armor in front of it and never think about it again.
Thanks Rory.

Was really hoping to drive one of my rigs out to NM soon.
I'm looking into selling a kidney to finance the trip.
So it looks like I'll probably just fly out again maybe later this year.
Slowly but surely

I kind of put this project on hold due to fuel prices and not being able to save any scratch.
But it seems like I'm still in to it. Credit card doesn't like me much. But hey you only live
Coming home from CMCC I noticed I used up the stock street tires. Big chunks missing
from the sidewall. Was a tense ride home. Must be a reason they call em street tires.
Decided on 33x10.5 TSL Radials. I think they will suit my driving likes just fine. This truck
is not locked and I definetly don't have the wallet to regear.
I have started piecing together an OME suspension. Maybe a few more weeks or month til
that is in hand. Not really in a rush. I like the challenge of wheeling a stock truck.

as it sits today and a somewhat similar photo from 2002.
Looks good! Nice meeting you at CMCC! What's funny is Jon Held saw you going home from CMCC and thought it was me. LOL!

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