HAMOM-Lowcountry Style

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Feb 19, 2008
Here is the list since nobody else is doing it...LOL We need to confirm a date and add it to list...

April 08- MOOKER82 (Sand and roller paint FJ40)
May 08-
June 08-
July 08-
Aug 08-
Sep 08-
Oct 08-
Nov 08-
Dec 08-
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Putting the lift on is not hard. But I do suggest that you bite the bullet and get the springs installed on the shocks at a Kaufmann Tire or Midas or something. It's worth the $50 or so you should pay for it. Just make sure they correctly key the springs in on plate on the bottom.

I hate to send you over to the dark side, but check out the blue forum for install directions that might help you: ToyTec Lift Install - Full Writeup and Pictures - Toyota FJ Cruiser Forum

The folks over here in ATL can get a truck lifted in about an hour and a half, so you will be fine with an afternoon! Good luck!
If you had the tools and know-how I would definately save the $150 and do them yourself. Since it doesn't sound like you have either, I would pay The $200 bucks and enjoy your day. If it wasn't on a sat. I would offer my help, but I go home to MB on the weekends.

not a problem...also forgot this is CAMDEN CUP weekend as well.

I am going to cancel the Lowcountry HAMOM for my suspension......so nobody come by expecting beer and steaks off the grill Saturday.

We can do it again for someone else....or when I get a bumper or skid plates and need an extra hand.....or just for an excuse to ride through Francis Marion Forest and get in some mud. :)

Thanks guys....it was becoming an ordeal with me needing floor jacks, air ratchet and not having anyone that has tackled one before. Frankies Tires off Cross County said he would do it for $200 (he also did my tires) when everyone else wanted $600-800 to install the parts.

If anyone needs a set of hands or a strong back....dont hesitate to give me a yell.
I nominate Steve, mooker82, for the first LC HAMOM. He needs to get his 40 roller painted, and it will take a lot of sanding. Plus his front yard is the parking lot for Poe's Tavern, so beer breaks should be nice. Plus if you do it on a college drinking night, the scenary should be nice, ;) if you know what I mean.

Pick a date and make sure he is in for it...and we can have it posted here much like is being done in Upstate area.....if it is near end of April best for me...and we have first meet and greet on 19th already.
I nominate Steve, mooker82, for the first LC HAMOM. He needs to get his 40 roller painted, and it will take a lot of sanding. Plus his front yard is the parking lot for Poe's Tavern, so beer breaks should be nice. Plus if you do it on a college drinking night, the scenary should be nice, ;) if you know what I mean.


LOL... we can make it a roller paint / build a front bumper and stinger day/ rear bumper/ tune / reassemble day considerign the shape of mine :hillbilly: . Should be a nice location in a few more weeks when the weather warms up. I recommend Thursday - Saturday if you want the extra scenary. :hmm:

If someone does have welding skills and would like to help do a metaltech stinger kit that would be awesome. Only problem is I only have 110.
once you pick a firm date for the HAMOM let me know so I can update the first post to reflect date and location.... i cant weld but i can criticize weld beads with the best of them. :D
I may be ditching the roller paint idea and just rattle canning it. I went out yesterday with some of the local Bronco guys and did a little test run. I seem to have acquired a "few scrathes" which means I need to redo the front again to get the scrathes out. Its seeming like a lot of work to just get scratched up all the time on the brush and trails we have around here.
My entire fj is rattle can Krylon desert tan. Way easy to touch up when the rocks jump out in front of you. Mooker, I ate at poes the other day and saw your 40 when I was trying to find parking. You need to erase"rusty" from the desciption. I'll show you pics of what a "rusty" 40 looks like. I kept a scrap book of my 72's reerection from the junk yard.
Hey guys, I was a mechanic some years back and still have all my tools plus more. I mostly rebuilt Scotts fj40 (he did most of the body work) but if you dont mind coming to Mt. Pleasant, Sundays would be good HAMON days for me. Right now we still have to get the 4 sp back in the 40, and I need to get my 4.88's in my cj7 before Tellico.
Hammon like invite to all lc AND UPSTATE MEMBERS

removed.....dont everyone sign up for their HAMOM at once now. LOL

While this is not an offical Hammon I am going to be off of work (uncle sam does occasionally let me off work:censor:) for the next two weeks. I posted a short rebirth thread on the 60 tech section of the rebuild I am doing and having done. As I travel a lot; my friend and mechanic has been doing all he can but it is very slow(so far 18 months:bang:) the engine is finished and the axels are in the shop for the differentials and rebuild. Most of the parts are sitting ready to put on the rig. but rust work and painting and assembly is still on going. If you see something you would like to check out or turn a wrench on PM me I will be checking ih8mud every day. This rig my "BT60" is in Sumter SC not the lowcountry so upstate people if interested could drop by as well. Just PM or email me at Indiandoc347@hotmail.com and I will give you my cell phone number, and directions I assure you :beer:and food if you come by to work. LOL
please update your needs for mechanical or body work on your landcruisers here.....I will update the first post with month and date and member receiving work.

Please post what you have...what you would like help with...and where is your vehicle. We know everyone does not live in Charleston so lets see who we have and where first....and then we can start with some dates to help eachother out.

trips to other areas to help will need more coordination....maybe make it coincide with a monthly meeting since it will be an all day or overnighter depending on amount of work needed.

We had mooker but it never got going...... what you got mooker.....still in need?

Anyone else.....well Doc needs to get his beast down here so he can get it finished with out help as well.

Post and I will update first thread

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