H41 Transmission Mount Issue

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Mar 3, 2012
Adelaide, South Australia
I have what I believe to beleive to be an H41 transmission.. I will post a few images of it below.. I have purchased a new HJ47 Transmission mount, and I also have a mount that I've pulled off an FJ45..

Neither of these mounts will bolt up to the 4 bolts at the bottom of this transmission. The spacing of the bolts from front to back is perfect.. but with one side bolted up the opposing side bolt holes on the mount are 5-7mm short of their matching holes on the transmission.

I was under the impression that all H41 transmissions have the same bolt hole pattern on the bottom for the mount to bolt up to..

Any thoughts?


FWIW I've got a h55f in my 55 and I replaced the gearbox mount a few months back and found I couldn't bolt one side in and then the other....had to get all 4 bolts started before I torqued them down...
Thanks @stumpofj40 .. I slept on the problem overnight and took a second look this morning.. with the mount I pulled of my FJ45 thoroughly cleaned up I offered it back up to the trans and managed to sneak all 4 bolts in..

I may, or may not, have made the bolt holes a tiny bit bigger with a die grinder.. :)

All's well that ends well.. Cheers.

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