GX460 Rear 12v Power

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May 14, 2019
I just bought a 2011 GX460 and I was wondering about putting a 12v cig lighter outlet (2 amp) in the rear (perhaps above the AC power outlet). Has anyone installed a 12v receptacle back there? I am not overly attached to it being above the AC power outlet, just somewhere in the back. Is there existing power I can tap into, if so where?
Jacket thanks for the reply. That is definitely a great write up, but it’s not what I am talking about. I am looking for power in the trunk...all the way in the back.
Don't know if this helps, but I've run power to the rear cargo area using dedicated 10ga wires tapped off an aux fuse box. 2A is a pretty small load so I wouldn't bother doing that, I'd probably just find any ignition switched or constant power wire back there and tap off of it. Not sure if the Lexus are negative grounded, but if they are it might be easy to find a hot wire in the taillights somewhere.
I did exactly that on my rig. Although I also added a 3,000 Watt inverter. Reason: I used to carry a chainsaw for cutting felled trees for firewood and then split them at the camp site. Just plain got tired of having to mix the oil/gas ratio, smell, leaks and not always starting on the first pull... or second or third...
Installed the inverter, 100 foot of heavy gauge extension cord (I'll never cut wood further than 100 feet from my vehicle) and a very nice 18" bar electric chainsaw.
Here's the link to my build: Builds - R2M 2013 GX 460 Expo
The inverter is also great for many other uses, such as power failures. I can run the extension cord into my house, plug in my refrigerator, TV and several lights and wait out the power outage. I can also use microwave ovens, any time/place where electricity is needed and it's too far from a building or other structure with a receptacle. I love having it.

But onto your issues, I used 1 AWG wire and ran it straight to my second battery. I ran it along my rock sliders tucked way up high so it could not get crushed.

After I installed it I purchased a small unit that has (1) 12 VDC socket (cigarette lighter type), (2) high output USB plugs. It also has an On/OFf switch so it doesn't run down my second battery if I forget to unplug something. And it has a voltage meter to monitor how my battery is doing. I inserted this all in the panel door where the jack goes on the drivers side. You can see what I did in my build thread.

Just a heads up, the part about adding the 12 VDC jacks will be on the third page towards the end.
I forgot to mention that my wife and love having this socket back there. We have two (2) refrigerator style coolers, an 85 qt (Whynter FM-85G) for the long camping trips and a 21 qt (Alpicool C20) for day trips. We've been loving using the 21 qt since it's small. On our ski trip back from Lake Tahoe a couple weeks ago, we took the long route down the California cost home over several day. Just left the Alpicool plugged in the entire time, even over night. Worked great! Always had a very cool drink when needed!

Of note, even though both cooler can run off the 3,000 Watt inverter using 110 VAC, in a vehicle it's more efficient for the battery to just run off a 12 VDC power supply. Adding an inverter into the mix just causes more battery drain. The inverter is used only when there is not a 12 VDC option.
For a small load like that why not tap the power from the rear seat switch?
For a small load like that why not tap the power from the rear seat switch?
Not sure whom you're replying to. If it's me, I have all that extra juice in the rear for when I'm camping. I like to cut (section) and split my own fire wood. I have a Worx 18" chain saw that I run off my inverter. It's also nice if there's a power outage. I plug in my fridge, TV, whatever right out the back of my rig! And yes, I do have a proper gauge (read: LARGE) 100' extension cord. If you go to my build page here: Builds - R2M 2013 GX460 Overland Build
You'll see how and where I added my extra power.

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