[GX460] Keep engine running after remote start?

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Grizzly Clint
Mar 28, 2020
North Idaho
Remote start was an option the original owner picked (they installed 99% of the option sheet) on my ‘10 460 Premium. My problem is as soon as the proximity detector detects the fob when I touch the door handle the vehicle shuts off. This is STUPID. Every single other non-Toyota vehicle I’ve owned or used didn’t do this. Whether there was a normal physical key or a keyless fob didn’t matter.

How can I make it so the car stays running and not shut off? Or does the vehicle not have that capability?
No known way to modify that behavior.

Bummer!! Ok thanks. I’ll just not use it so I don’t get reminded of it. Haha
This is a standard on all Toyota and Lexus vehicles with factory remote start, they claim it's a safety feature but I think most agree that it's annoying and unwarranted.

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