Grimseys aussie hzj80

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Jan 1, 2015
Iv been a long time lurker on this forum and never posted so thought it was about time i showed you my rig. Im from Victoria Australia and we have povo pack 80s compared to you guys in the states. Were lucky to have diesel motors however things like factory lockers and leather seats are only found in the rare top of the range sahara.
Iv owned my 80 for close to 10 years now and have given it a couple of build ups in this time. Its been from a relatively tame tourer on 33" tires up to 37"s. This time round i wanted to be able to do the long trips as well as be able to tackle the hard stuff. So allot of thinking and research i hope iv found the perfect compromise.

About the oldest photo i could find of it

Under the bonnet i have the NA 4.2L diesel 1hz motor. after a year or 2 of ownership i got sick of its lack of power so i bolted on a DTS turbo kit. Then Later on i added a 3" exhaust and a homemade intercooler setup. Its still no race car but has more then enough power for what i want to do. i also have duel batteries and a air compressor.

In the Cabin iv replaced the front seats with recaros and modified the centre console to take a fridge. Iv also replaced the stereo with a more modern unit with amps to get the sound happening. In the back i have some outback roller draws with a fridge slide and cargo barrier.

On the front of the car i have a arb bar with a 8274 hi mount winch and a light bar. i have custom homemade silders and a Kaymar rear bar to protect the back and carry the spare tier.

Under the car i have an eaton Elocker in the rear diff while the front stays unlocked at this stage. i have also converted the transfer to part time after i destroyed the centre diff.

Suspension i have 2" old man emu coils controlled by King racing 2.5" remote res smoothies that have totally transformed how the car drives and handles.

As for wheels and tires i bead locked the factory 80 series wheels and brought a set of the new Mickey Thomson deegan 38s in the 315 size. I had to trim and massage the guards a little to make them clear.

Looks awesome! Love the seats. Cool mod on the wheels too.

I would trade my factory lockers for your diesel any day!!!!
Welcome thanks for posting, nice rig. Love Australia.
Where abouts are you Grimsey ? I'm outer east Mel - would like to have look at how you did the guard trimming.

I'm in mansfield, all I had to to was chop some of the fiberglass off the flares on both front and rear. Got rid of the front mud flaps. The main chopping was in the rear of the inner front guards. All I did was undo that bolt at the bottom pulled the guard forward and basically cut on the fold for around 100mm tapered it back out then folded it back 10mm. Then used a jack and rubber mallet to push the guard back out to its new spot and held it there with a few tec screws. Fairly rough but gives enough room to clear the 35"s. Best way to work it out is flex it up and hit a few bumps hard and see where they rub and try to cut it out of the way.
I'm only thinking of 35's - did you have to do all that work for 35's or the 37's ? You mentioned 35's in the thread above, but not sure if you had to do that work to go FROM 35's to 37's, or will I need to do that to go from 295/80's to 315's ? My engine pulls the 295/80's effortlessly, I actually want to gear it up a bit which is why I was thinking of 35's.
Which Recaro's are those? What did you have to do to mount them in the truck? Stock rails, or?
Alx when I had 37s on I had 3" lift with 2" bump stop spacers. I chopped all the flares then. Now I'm running a 2" lift and 35"s I took the bump spacers out. The only spot there hitting in the rear of the front inner guard. It will totally depend on how you drive it off road. They were only hitting when I was showing mates how good king shocks are and driving way to hard for the conditions as they make rough tracks feel like a freeway. Around town and easy 4wding be rare you would ever hit the bump stops where the tyers scrub. However I still think the front mud flaps will have to go...

Ianb they are recaro ls I think. I brought them second hand.... I used the stock mounts and made adapters about of some 80x5mm plate. No welding just drilling and bolting. 1st one took me a few hours to nut out and the second only an hour to to do.

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