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May 8, 2003
After finding out my transfer case was bad again, drastic measures were needed. What can fix it? With a little gentle arm twisting a new 5 speed and new transfer case. It wasn't too hard to convince me. Everyone says its the best upgrade you can do, right? Its expensive but I have been wanting to do it for a while. My 10 year old was drawn for his first deer hunt that started on Friday. The shop had my 60 done on Tuesday, we loaded up and drove the 200 miles to southern Arizona on Thursday

Speedometer is a little off, not wanting to spoil me, I started to hear taping on the side of the car then the chrome pieces bent up. I pulled over and taped them down.


We got down there and had a fun hunt. A little warm but had a great time. One the second day we glassed up two white tail bucks and watched them bed down. We drove around the mountain and attacked them from the bottom. We snuck in to 178 yards. My boy was afraid to shoot. He didn't want to feel the recoil. He has shot this gun a few times, its a 7mm-08, it took him a good 5 mins to pull the trigger. He was resting the forearm on a tripod. I had him aim right at the top of the deers back. I was expecting a miss but figured at least he would get his first trigger pull on a deer. Well, the deer was hit, jumped up ran about 5 feet and fell down never to get back up. We were ecstatic!


Camped one more night and drove the 200 miles back home. I must say, the 60 drove amazing! It felt great, shifting took a little getting used to. For whatever reason it was hard to find 3rd gear, but after a while I could find it fine. Also, 5th seems a little tight to get it in.
Feb 25, 2019
Midland, TX
Awesome ride and deer! That's about the size of my one Coues deer out of 3 total trips. Struck out in the Superstitions back in 2016, got one in the Chiricahuas the next year, and then struck out in New Mexico last year in the Gila NF.

I'm heading to Arizona tomorrow for a late muzzleloader elk hunt near Show Low. Hoping to get my first bull down. Sadly my 60 is in the shop getting its 5-speed (not so sad) and a few other things going, so it won't be finished in time to drag me up there (that's the sad part). Borrowing my dad's Raptor, so guess I'll survive.

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