Goodyear MTR Kevlar question

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Sep 20, 2011
Caracas, Venezuela.
At the risk of sounding stupid, I need to ask this as I have been curious for a while.

Why are the Goodyear kevlars mounted differently on each side? They seem to have the tread pattern correct on the driver's side and backwards on the passenger's side. They also seem to be directional, are they not?

Enlighten me..
They have an asymmetric tread, but they are not unidirectional. There is only one type of tire that comes out of one type of mold for each size and it can go on either side and run in either direction. The coarse lug side is always mounted on the outside. That is why the tread pattern looks different on the two sides. I have had a set for 2 years and they have been fine. It is one of the better off road tires that you can also drive on the highway that I have had. There are better street tires and there are better dedicated off road and mud tires, but these are a good compromise for people that do both.
yes, there is an outside and an inside...not directional tho. The blockier portion of the tread is designed for outside, the tighter portion for inside.

I've been running them on my FZJ80 for a couple years...overall, no complaints. Lots of road miles and trail miles and they have held up well. I'd have to look, but I'll wager I've got around 40k on mine (they are getting due for replacement tho...)

Not impressed with them in light snow tho..deep stuff they work fine, but light snow on a roadway can be interesting.

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