gas tank differences between 91 and 97?

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Nov 27, 2009
In a van down by the American River
I am needing to replace my 97 lx450 stock gas tank (possible crack/hole on top) and my buddy has a 91' tank off his 80 that he would give me. They look similar, but not sure if they are totally compatible. Does anyone know?

Don't quite know how you could get a hole on top of your gas tank, but all things are possible. I would first remove the inspection panel for the fuel tank. It is located under the 2nd row seats. You will have to pull up the carpet to get to it, but it isn't hard at all once the seats have been removed. Once the panel is removed, you will be able to see the top of the tank where the hoses come out. Maybe your leak is there and it will be an easy fix. Either way, I'm pretty sure the panel will need to come off to drop the tank.
Thanks. I already took the inspection door off to check for possible leak there, but all connections were dry and ok. I get a strong smell of gas if I fill the tank up, not as bad if I dont fill the tank more than about half way. I also get leakage when the car is parked nose down, so I suspect it is a crack somewhere. I have read other threads about similar leaks where the parking brake crosses the top of the tank so probably in the same area. Just dont want to drop the tank until I have another lined up ready to replace.
Not sure about compatablity, but does the tank still suck air when the cap is opened at gas pump?

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