FZJ80 Windshield Replacement - Best brands?

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Been discussed before but just for sake of future searches, some of the National chains will tell you "glass is glass" when they want to install a POS cheapo windshield, but there is a difference as mentioned above. IME (twice, same 80) not-so-Safe-lite installed made in Chynna kerapp glass which was like looking through a piece of float glass you might find in an old house from the mid-1800's (wavy) big strain on the eyes. They also didn't seal it correctly and of course both of those windshields leaked. Finally fixed with OEM glass when it was still available, installed by an independent shop that did the glass work for some local new car dealers.

Only advice I can share is try to find a company that makes glass for OEM's as they won't tolerate cheapo optically poor glass that could be a safety or liability issue.

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