Full Faced BMX race helmets?

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Oct 22, 2002
Durango, Colorado
Santa's little helpers are currently building my son his first BMX bike. I spent 14 years selling bikes but never worked a BMX race shop. And I've been out of the business for 10yrs anyway. We have a town BMX track here in Durango so I'm going to put him on that right away if his interest is there. Plus then I'll get the 24 I've always wanted ;)

So I don't know what the scoop is on a full faced BMX race helmet. What the goto brand for safety. I don't care about any other features really.
How old?

Adult, I prefer moto helmets. For a child, the Troy Lee Designs D3 seem to be popular but that may because they are "cool". Really any helmet with a DOT or Snell is just as good as the next one.
My kid at 3 could wear a child's moto helmet on his bicycle. No problem.

Here is is wearing his helmet and my moto boots and neck brace goofing off on his moto which has yet to ride.


My son uses a Fly Kinetic DOT motocross helmet. He is six. The nice thing about any DOT/Snell is that you have it for other sports besides BMX. Good luck.

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