Full Cloth Interior FS in So. Cal.

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Oct 27, 2003
Hey All,
I have an entire cloth interior, including door panels, for sale. It is gray-blue in color and is in overall very good condition. I picked it up to replace my leather but the consensus from the family didn't support the change. Anyway, I am looking to pass it on and I thought I would offer it up locally first (especially since shipping this much stuff is tough). I would like to get what I paid which was $800. Drop me a line if you're interested. Thanks. :)


P.S. If anyone wants pictures, I will take some or I can meet up and show it in person...either way.
Hey Rich

I am VERY interested in this.

However, were the seats that the cloth is from Power or Manual?

Not sure if the cloth interiors were avaiable with power and i know that the 2 arent interchangable.

Lemme know ASAP, been looking for this very thing for a long time!

The cloth seats are manual (with recline). I actually put them in my truck and there wasn't any compatability issue. My other seats are the leather with power and all of the mounting points are the same. When I took out the leather seats, I just unbolted them and disconnected the electrical connectors, then bolted in the cloth seats. I hope that makes sense.

I still have the interior...Has anyone heard from Kevin (Boston Mangler) in the last few days?

Sorry Man,

Busy as hell.

I just noticed your asking price! Woh! Not in my range, sorry!

No worries...I figured you went out of town or something. I hope its a good busy. Thanks though. :)

Interior still available...I put it here for the local crowd to have first crack. It's all six seats, plus all four door panels and associated small bits. It came out of a 97. If there is interest locally that would be great. If not I will put it back out to the whole site. Thanks.

If anyone is interested, I put pictures up of the seats in the for sale section .

Willing to entertain offers...very comfortable...lots o leg room : )

ok I ended up with the cloth interior

thanks Rich...(who is a great guy and has a nice 80... BTW)

anyone need some leather interior, the pass seat gearbox is bad but other than that it's normal 10 year old leather.......
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Thanks Ray...I truely enjoyed the conversation. I hope you made it home on time. By the way we had a blast in Big Bear...too bad you weren't able to join us. I'll see out on the trail sometime!


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